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Cyber SecurityYou may recall a previous article http://www.zen.co.uk/blog/cyber-security/ on the subject of Cyber Security and the increased awareness and responsibility that the Government are taking to ensure, where possible, individuals and businesses can stay safe online.

At the recent Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) Conference, the Minister for Crime and Security, James Brokenshire MP, delivered the keynote speech, outlining the need for the ISP Industry, Law Enforcement and Government to work together in a partnership.  This would allow robust information and intelligence sharing to take place under strict guidelines and as part of a collaborative approach to maintaining a secure and safe internet based on joint responsibility.

Making a distinction between cyber-dependant and cyber-enabled crime, the Minister announced that a working group of academic experts would be looking to improve the evidence base that underpins cybercrime policy.

Turning to the role of law enforcement agencies, the Minister explained how the newly-established National Crime Agency (NCA) would be taking this forward across four commands: Organised Crime, Border Policing, Economic Crime, and Child Exploitation and Online Protection. The Unit will work across these areas to provide expert support, and its staff will be trained in digital investigations skills with further funding available to train more staff.

Working in partnership with industry was key, the Minister explained, to increased intelligence-sharing, such as through the Cyber Information Sharing Partnership and the establishment of a UK Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Developments in policing child sexual exploitation were praised with the Minister singling out the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) proactivity remit and efforts to tackle sophisticated offenders by targeting The Onion Router (TOR) anonymity network tool and similar, other tools.  In the future, this will be in conjunction with US law enforcement and a taskforce, including UK ISPs, will meet in December to take this forward.

Questions followed on the Government approach to online radicalisation websites following a recent mention in Parliament by the Prime Minister, whether the role of the intelligence agencies meant that industry collaboration was not needed and the importance of detecting and arresting criminals. In response, the minister said that an announcement on radicalisation websites would be made in due course following the work of a taskforce, that industry support was also needed and he agreed that more evidence on numbers of arrests would be helpful.

The full speech can be found on the gov.uk site here https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/keynote-speech-for-the-internet-service-providers-association-ispa-annual-conference

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  1. Hi Grey

    Cyber Security has become a major issue for most of the countries now a days. We can only minimize it through awareness but still Most of the countries are running awareness programs, i appreciate you’re writing about it. Others should also learn from this blog.

  2. Thank You Tauseef, indeed I see education and awareness going a long way in helping to address this subject and that’s certainly the intention behind it.


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