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How we can help with your Business Continuity Planning

Following on from our “Keeping the Lights On with Business Continuity Planning” blog post, below is more information about how Zen Internet can help you with your Business Continuity Planning.

What does Information Technology have to do with Business Continuity Planning?

  • A considered approach to Information Technology can…
    • protect your key IT assets and systems from potential threats
    • reduce the risk posed to your critical IT assets and systems
    • allow critical IT assets and systems to recover quickly in the event of a disruption
  • Business Continuity Planning is about asking those dreaded “what if…” questions; Information Technology can provide many of the answers

IT services to aid business continuity

  • Hosting | The ideal environment for protecting your critical IT assets
  • Backup | Enable critical systems to fully recover quickly from an incident
  • Connectivity | Expand your network reach and enable remote working
  • Security | Protect your key IT systems from Internet threats and attacks
  • Telephony | Ensure that channels of communication remain open 

bcp-awardsProtecting your critical IT systems with Zen

Our Data Centre 



We can offer you the ideal environment for your critical applications


And provide automated Offsite Data Backup

  • Supports Business Continuity Plans by protecting your critical data
  • Completely automated; no need to remember to backup
  • Highly secure; data is encrypted using SSL and 448-bit Blowfish encryption
  • Deduplication and compression; reduces the size of backups
  • Data stored off-site; Backup data replicated across two UK based data centres


Connectivity – Reliable and fast Internet access

  • If IT is the fabric to your organisation, then Internet connectivity is the needle and thread that stitches it all together
  • Fast and reliable residential broadband circuits
    • Makes remote/home working a viable option for businesses
  • High capacity business Ethernet circuits
    • Provides head offices with quick access to the Internet and to off-site services hosted in a data centre
  • Video conference capabilities
    • Enjoy real-time collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and customers
    • No need to be in the same physical location

Security – Managed Network Protection

  • Prevent man made disasters caused by malicious intent at the network edge
    • Complete Internet protection with real time defence against spam, viruses, spyware and intrusion attempts
    • 24/7 network monitoring provides around the clock protection from Internet threats and attacks
    • Deep packet inspection firewall delivers the best perimeter defence with an industry leading firewall platform
    • Customised web content filter ensures your business complies with best practices by prohibiting access to illicit websites


  • Automatic re-routing of calls to multiple destinations
  • Work from a different location, yet retain your existing phone numbers
    • Forward calls to your DR site
    • Forward calls to employees mobiles
    • Forward calls to employees home phones
  • Built-in resilience using multiple circuits
    • Voice traffic can take multiple routes between users
    • If a circuit fails your voice traffic can continue to flow, completely unaffected


  • An up-to-date Business Continuity Plan is essential for all businesses
  • Know your business, assess the risks, and plan to mitigate them
  • IT is critical business tool
  • Consider how you deliver, support and manage your  IT services
  • A change in approach to IT can seriously improve your Business Continuity Plan

Please do contact us to find out how we can help you with your Business Continuity Planning and to discuss your requirements on 01706 902000 or complete an enquiry form.

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