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Our Data Centre – one year on

In May 2012 we officially opened our new 1350m2 tier 2 Data Centre facility at our company headquarters in Rochdale.

Representing a £4m investment, the new data centre was a culmination of 18 months’ worth of planning and building. The new data centre reaffirmed our commitment to delivering enterprise class hosting to our customers and partners; empowering them in their quest for web based applications and cloud computing.

The opening of new data centre couldn’t have come at a better time as research conducted by Northwest Business Insider showed that over 45% of businesses were looking to expand their data centre capacity over the coming twelve months. In addition, 20% of businesses surveyed also stated that they were looking to outsource some of their hosting requirements.

These statistics supported our decision to expand our data centre capacity and provided us with encouragement for the year ahead.

Customer Benefits

The opening of our own data centre has enabled us to move closer to our customers as we are no longer reliant upon other third party providers in the provision of our hosting products and services. This means that we have greater control over costs and service delivery, which has in turn enabled us to offer an even better quality of service to our customers at lower prices too.

In the past 12 months we have reduced the price of our managed hosting and dedicated server products by as much as 25% and the value of our colocation products has been enhanced with a wider range of rack and power density option as well as the inclusion of generous bandwidth allocations at no additional charge.

In addition to helping our customer realise some impressive cost savings we also offer access to expert knowledge which we have cultivated over the past 17 years as a hosting provider. Every customer receives an unrivalled level of consultation and access to skilled engineers, thus ensuring they get the best hosting solution at the best price.

Wide range of hosting products and services

Our ability to attract such a diverse client base – SME, Corporate and Public Sector – is a testament to our well rounded, feature rich product set that offers something for everyone.

Our colocation products start at £59 per month for a simple 1U of rack space and 0.5 amps of power, and scale up to custom built private suites for clients with multiple rack requirements. In addition to the colocation products we also offer a range of managed and un-managed hosting services within our data centre facility. These products are ideally suited to customers who don’t want to procure, manage or maintain their own physical equipment.

ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 accreditation

In 2012 we secured ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 accreditation to go along with our ISO 9001 accreditation. These extensive projects, whilst having huge business benefits, also bolstered the status of our data centre facility too.

ISO 27001 gives our hosting customers the assurances around the security of their critical IT systems. Access throughout the data centre is restricted to authorised personnel using individually allocated door swipe cards which are centrally monitored by our on-site security staff. In addition, the facility benefits from comprehensive CCTV coverage which is monitored 24/7 by our on-site security staff.

ISO 14001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the environment. Every component within the data centre has been built with environmental cleanliness in mind. Motion sensor lighting, hot/cold isle containment, and the innovative DRUPs (Dynamic Rotary Uninterrupted Power Supplies) systems all support our environmental ethos and help us achieve a PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) rating of 1.6.

Future expansion & product development

Based on our projected growth for 2013 we have started to make plans for the next phase of our data centre build which will see our capacity increase by more than 70%.

In addition to increasing our physical data centre capacity we are also looking at introducing some exciting new hosting products and service too. The accelerated adoption of cloud computing has given us the opportunity to formulate our own ‘Cloud’ strategy and we now have a number of key development projects underway which will deliver an even richer suite of cloud based hosting service over the next year.

Our investment in our new data centre coupled with our 17 years’ experience in hosting, demonstrates our on-going commitment to becoming not just the best ISP in the UK, but the best hosting company too.

Find out more about our Hosting portfolio by visiting https://www.zen.co.uk/business/hosting-and-domains/

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